Topic outline

  • What is Communication and Media about?

    Target group-oriented communicationlinguistically, visually and multimedia-based

    The young discipline of Communication and Media, with interdisciplinary content from fields such as linguistics, computer science, technology, communication and design and translation, aims to structure, organise and visualise complex information in a way that is appropriate for the target group, in order to ensure communication and thus the transfer of knowledge to different target groups. Comparable study programmes of the future-oriented discipline with designations such as Technical Communication or Information Design have experienced an enormous upswing in Europe in the last 20 years, because the demand for qualified personnel in this field on the local and global labour market is increasing. In Germany, the faculty is already very well known, and graduates of corresponding degree programmes are highly wanted on the job market.

    You can find more information on the field of Communication and Media/Technical Communication programme here:
    You can find more information on the Communication and Media degree programme here:
    • When will the courses start?

      The extra courses in Pwani University will start in the winter semester 2022.
      At the end of the extra courses on Communication and Media you will receive a certificate and transcript of records.

      The following additional courses are offered: ƒ

      • Communication and Media I & II ƒ
      • Visualization ƒ
      • Information Technology and Management ƒ
      • German for Communication and Media
      • Can I attend the courses with my bachelors degree?

        Students of any Master‘s program can participate in the additional special courses and gain important skills in Communication and Media.
        The additional courses are particularly suitable for these study programs: ƒ

        • Business Administration ƒ
        • Computer Science
        • English and Linguistics
        • Hospitality and Tourism Management
        • What are the career perspects?

          There are various career prospects with a specialization in Communication and Media. The course of studies forms the well-founded basis for one activity as a specialist within the framework of the globalized knowledge and information management. Take on lucrative job opportunities and challenging conceptual tasks in the field of Communication and Media. Possible careers are: ƒ

          • Technical Writer
          • Information Architect/Manager ƒ
          • Content/Social Media Manager
          • Terminologist
          • Translation Manager
          • UX Designer ƒ
          • Knowledge Manager
          • Interested?

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