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  • Susann: " I took away friendships for the future"

    When I signed up for the VIEL Project, I honestly didn’t know what expected me. I hoped to learn some professional skills, but I could have never imagined growing this much also in terms of knowledge about myself during the project, especially during our stay in Kilifi!

    As it was my first semester of my master’s degree I was afraid that the VIEL project would require a lot of time and I could be overwhelmed by the workload. Luckily, this was not the case and all the small tasks we received were manageable and were fun to make. Throughout the semester I really enjoyed the weekly meetings, as we got closer each time we saw each other via camera. At first everyone was quite shy, but after our first workshop and the task to do podcasts in order to get to know each other, the ice was broken and we had a lot of fun together. From strangers we quickly turned into friends with the same interest in media and communication. I feel that the workshops were well chosen, as they are important foundations for our future career. My personal highlight that I was looking forward to was the film making workshop. The insight into editing sparked my interest and I now want to keep on learning to better my editing skills.

    This already fruitful professional learning was complemented by definitely one of the best abroad experiences!! We flew to Kenia, Kilifi to strengthen our bonds. Adventures and late night talks made us grow together even more and I can only recommend from the bottom of my heart to apply for the VIEL project! I took away friendships for the future, a great time to remember in Kenia, professional skills, but most importantly: Great memories!

    • Simon: "The experience gave me an opportunity to learn new cultures make and build long lasting friendship"


      The first topic on the first workshop on how to make a podcast was super nice. The content was well presented. I had some challenges to follow the presentation in the first ten minutes, later after downloading the Audacity application, it was easy to follow the presentation.

      We were paired up to do some podcast with FARINA and IVAN, Our podcasts were awesome.

      In our second workshop we covered a topic on video editing, this was another exciting topic and it was so practical. The third topic was on intercultural aspects in communication which we covered in November this I really gained a lot especially on the use of emoji’s in the social emoji in one culture may be communicating different meaning altogether. So it worthy getting insights of it as far as intercultural communication is concerned.

      The last topic was on visualization which we covered in December 14th 2021.Apart from these topics we had table meeting on every Wednesday EAT. After like one week we were a remarkable good team, we had bonded so well, like we had met physical, we would share daily experiences,eg balancing work and attending to our lectures at the university..

      We now longing to see each other face to face. The covid-19 pandemic was the stumbling block since there were restrictions on traveling. Later the restrictions were relaxed and there was hope for Pof Sissi and her team to come to Kenya. This was really good news.


      It is February 24th, I am expecting my friends to arrive in kenya.

      What! The busy schedule at work, catching up with lectures at the university. On 1st March 2022, we hold our Viel workshop on communication and Media at the resource center. Super nice meeting my Brother Ivan, face to face together with Prof Sissi, Dr. yvone, Belinda, Grecia, and Sue. Together with Ivan we showcase our project on the podcast we did.we are taken through several lectures on communication and media by Dr.Elizabeth Munyaya ,Dr.Yvone and Prof.Sissi and Edith our project coordinator here in Pwani university.

      Later we break for lunch and then at around 4pm, Edith and I join the team at the Mnarani WEIKE project for women empowerment where we plant several trees and I name my Lemon tree ‘blessings’.

      At around Edith we drove to Belinda,Grecia and Sue for supper and then I go back to Malindi.


      On the third March 2022, at with my friend Nyota we pick Belinda, Grecia, Sue and Ivan for an excursion. We drove straight to Eagle camp near Mida Creek. Everyone is so excited. There is some gym and everyone is like do we exercise!. We enjoy some fresh mangoes as they drop from the mango trees so sweet. Some music is played and kids around the nearby homestead gather close to the fence, Belinda remembers that we have some sweets which she shares with the kids as they dance, so awesome.

      We get back to the car then we drive to the Mida creek for the Boardwalk. So scaring in the first place but later on they get used to it.

      Later at around 2pm we drive back to the Eagle camp for our sumptuous Lunch. Wet chicken Stew, Ugali, rice, spinach. Wow! So delicious.

      We have to be in kilifi by 4.30pm so after the lunch, we drove back to kilifi at Makuti Villa to bid Belinda, Ivan, Sue and Grecia by. It was a nice encounter.

      In conclusion the experience gave me an opportunity to learn new cultures make and build long lasting friendship.  

      • Nyota: "I endure every little aspect learnt and received from the project."

        Joining the Viel Project.

        I had just commenced my first semester for the Master of Arts in English and Linguistics when I received an e-mail for the Viel project. Being overwhelmed on how I will manage masters and work, it took time to apply for viel.Having learnt of the accrued benefits, I applied immediately. I was shocked to know my application was successful.Thankyou to Professor Yakobo Mutiti, Dr. Elizabeth Munyaya and Ms. Edith Miano for their continued encouragement on Viel application.

        Viel Project Review and experience.

        Viel is concerned with Virtual International exchange and learning. I must admit that I had at most interaction with my fellow students through our zoom meetings in the workshop and also during our table meetings. I am glad that most of my expectation on this project were met. I now see the need for technical communication in my field of study. With the little knowledge in the field of technical communication, this has been a golden chance to explore this faculty. The first workshop on how to make a Podcast posed a challenge to me.Nevertheless, I struggled through and managed to do one with Susann Salah. The second was on Video editing. I fascinated at how pictures interweave with words and many more effects. At least I stopped wondering how slow motion and recurring images could appear on video. The third was on Intercultural aspects on communication. It was Swahili based with Swahili greetings and learnt how to make Swahili rice cake (mkate wa sinia).The last workshop was on Visualization and Text. It was interesting and directed our perception on shapes, colours and cultures. I could now understand why companies and social networks select certain colours for their logos.

        Viel Workshop at Pwani University.

        The workshop was held at resource Centre, Pwani University. The main agenda being creating awareness to students interested in pursuing Master in Communication and Media (MCM).The field proved to beneficial in the contemporary world. It had diverse job opportunities for such graduates as clarified by Prof. Sissi Closs.During the workshop, students already in the Viel project were given an opportunity to share their experience on the Winter semester 2021.They were then awarded certificates and gifted flash disks .Thank you Viel organisers for the uplift in life. I endure every little aspect learnt and received from the project.

        A Visit to Eagles camp and Mida creek.

        I never the thought this visit could carry the day. It was a haste plan to have good moments with our colleagues from Karlsruhe University of Applied sciences and University of Limerick. The visit started off well. We first set for Eagles camp, a serene place to be in.The view was just cool with mangrove border at far. The compounds was filled with mango trees which never cease to drop their sweetness in masses. As lunch was being prepared, we head to Mida creek since both are near each other. I had often heard about Mida creek but I witnessed the revelation. The most outstanding feature was the boardwalk .Due to my phobia for heights, I felt scared and walked at a snail’s pace strongly gripping the ropes for balance. After a cheer up from Belinda and the rest, I mustered courage and yes, I made it to the end.

        We went back to Eagles camp for lunch. The meal was very delicious, especially the spinach and the ‘kienyeji’ chicken. Big thanks to the chef. On our way back to Kilifi, we passed by Simon’s home, one of the MA. Students at Pwani University .We had a taste of coconut juice and continued our journey to Kilifi. It was time to say goodbye to our friends .The hardest time indeed. We had to part ways as they were to leave Kenya back to Germany and Ireland. I strongly believe that we shall live to cherish these moments together.


        • Grecia: "t I have no words to describe how incredible the project was"

          The name of this document is “My life after VIEL,” because it is a fact that my life perspective changed before and after traveling to Kenya.

          When we were told that the trip to Kenya was happening and sponsored by BWS, I thought that I will go to a closing event in one of the participating universities, that was not true. I did not know that I was going to live one of the most enriching experiences of my life. And I am not just talking about the “touristic activities” that had the opportunity to do. They were incredible!! Do not get me wrong. But on the trip, we not only went for a Safari, or to the Kenyan beaches with luminescent plankton, or gazed at the sky with the more stars I have ever seen before. We went deeper, into their culture, their gastronomy, and lovely people. I also had the opportunity to perform a Lecture at Pwani University, and now I had a tree in Kenya that I called Frida, as one of the most important Mexican artists.

          Yes! A Lecture, and yes! A tree!!

          I do not have the feeling that I went just for an “event” I had the sensation that I went to leave my mark in that beautiful land and all of it was possible thanks to the project. Sissi and VIEL though me that when you put your head and your heart to work together you will have amazing outcomes. I would be able to write a lot more of what I learned in VIEL, but I have no words to describe how incredible the project was.

          Asante VIEL for giving me “A lot”

          • Ivan: "I would recommend anyone to join the project"

            Great project with international outlook. It was a pleasure to take active part in the media workshops – some of which helped me with my MA assignments – and to meet like-minded students. I would recommend anyone to join the project. The event at Pwani University in Kenya was fantastic, and so was the overall organisation of the trip.