Topic outline

  • Why is Technical Communication important?

    Why should I participate in a student exchange that focuses on technical communication? Does the discipline have any relevance to my degree programme at all?
    Vicky, Master in Tourism Management and Hospitality, and Martha, Master in Business Administration, asked themselves the same question. Read their experiences after the VIEL semester.

    • Martha


      "The beauty of communication and media is the mechanism in which the thoughts and ideas are translated by the sender to the receiver in written, spoken, pictorial, images, emojis, emoticons, audios, videos  and non-verbal forms. This is possible most times if the both sender and receiver are of the same background, culture and geographical environments the message is well communicated and received and the same is vice versa.

      The voluminous essence of communication and media ensures the business world is diverse: value for the stakeholders, empathy in business transaction, partnership, corporate alliances, customer feedback, meeting preferences and likes of the market, meeting consumer and customer needs,

      The vast information in communication and media enables the business world meet the day to day needs of the global community. That is need being passed in message form, the service and product being delivered meeting or superseding the need and not vice versa.

      Good communication is essential for the world to move forward, therefor making the sender/script writer/producer/film maker/ to be very detailed if need be to avoid distortion and deterioration of the original information. Therefor it is good to learn to be a good communicator and a good listener. The world revolves around communication.

      Memories are summarized by effective and efficient communication, therefore good use of the blended modes of communication gives mind blowing outcomes.

      In the business world we say make the most out of life by learning, exploring and discovering."

      Martha Olungati, Master in Business Administration