Reply to a forum topic

Before you begin

  • Make sure you are logged in as Student.


  1. In the Navigation block on the right, click on Courses.
  2. Click on the name of the course in which you want to reply to a forum topic.
  3. On the course page, click on the forum icon or name of the forum in the section in which you want to use the forum.

    Figure: Forum on course page

    The teacher may provide options to use a forum for different topics in addition to the default forum announcements.
    You will see the forum page with forum entries. You now have the option to start a new discussion or reply to pre-existing entries.
  4. In order to reply to a pre-existing topic, click on the topic which you want to reply to.

    Figure: List of forum posts

    The topic will be opened.
  5. In the topic block, click on the button Reply.

    Figure: Reply button

    You will see the Your reply page.

    Figure: Your reply page

  6. In the form, fill in the required text boxes next to Subject and Message which are marked with an asterisk.
    You can adjust further settings or add files to your post
  7. Click on the button Post to forum on the bottom of the page to confirm your entry.

    Figure: Post reply

    Your have created a reply to a forum topic, which will appear below the original post.